Highways and Public Works

Road Safety

Winter driving

More prep time is needed for driving in winter.

Give yourself time to warm up your vehicle, clear off all snow and scrape ice off windows and mirrors. Winter driving >>

winter driving

Driving and wildlife

Honk your horn and brake safely to a stop if an animal is in your path.

When driving around an animal on or beside the road, go slow and give it lots of room. Driving and wildlife >>


Driving and snowplows

Snowplows are cautious about other vehicles on the road, but they are big and do take up space.

They are working for you. Give them the room they need — don’t follow too closely. Driving and snowplows >>

driver vs snowplow

 The Department of Highways and Public Works is working to make Yukon roads safe for everyone, and your decision to drive safely and responsibly does make a difference.

Safe Roads Are Every Driver’s Responsibility





Contact Transport Services

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