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Motor Vehicle Restraint Systems


Motor Vehicle Seat Belts and Air Bags Restraint Systems

Seat Belts

Drivers and passengers are required to wear seat belts in the Yukon. Seat belts are designed to absorb the energy and hold the occupant in the seat. They achieve this absorption of energy by having one belt low on the hip-pelvis area and another high across the shoulder and collar bone area.

The belt material is designed to stretch a bit as well and that also helps to absorb the energy. When a collision occurs, a sudden change in vehicle inertia is sensed in the seat belt retractor and then locks the seat belt preventing the occupant from moving.

In addition to factory installed seat belts, motor vehicles are equipped with air bags systems that are efficient safety restraints for occupants and help reduce the risk of injury.

Occupant restraints systems are designed to help keep the occupant safe inside the vehicle and to limit the chance of being ejected out of the vehicle.

Air Bags

Air bag restraints are located in various parts of the vehicle such as: Frontal, side, curtain, knee, rear curtain, and seat belt air bags. These air bags are deployed when a frontal, side collision or roll over is detected from various sensors on the vehicle.

The air bag inflates, after the computer sends an electrical signal to the airbag assemblies, igniting chemicals resulting in a reaction that produces nitrogen gas and rapidly fills the airbags.

The air bags deploy at speeds around 500kph/300 mph; always read your vehicle owner’s manual to learn more about the Occupant Restraint system of your vehicle to ensure you are using it as effectively as possible.

Warning: Never place an infant or child near an active air bag. Always refer to the vehicle owner’s manual for proper child seating locations.

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